7 Best Leather Sewing Machine Reviews for 2020

Best Leather Sewing Machines: If you were looking for best leather sewing machines then this post is for you and your search ends here.

Leather products have always been a major attraction for most of us. They are durable and have a fantastic classy finish. Well, this finish requires a lot of effort as leather is stiff and can not be easily sewn. However, if we have the right machine available, is tricky working with leather becomes a lot easier. There are a variety of best leather sewing machines available to reduce our effort but choosing a bit tricky. So to help you out in the choice of the right option, here we bring in the review of 7 best leather sewing machines:

7 best leather sewing machines:

1. Leather Sewing Machine Tippmann

This Tippman “Boss” leather sewing machine is designed to be completely self-sufficient.It is a manual machine and can sew up to ¾ of leather thickness. Apart from leather, it is feasible to work on various materials like nylon, canvas, plastic, urethane and sheepskin etc..It is very easy to work with as it starts just by pulling the handle and completes one lock stitch with every pull. The best feature of this machine is that it is very light (about 23 pounds)as compared to power devices. Due to its small size, it can also be stored and moved around when not in use. The stitch lengths, needles, thread sizes, and tension, etc. can be adjusted accordingly on the machine. It comes with a rugged cast aluminum housing and performs consistent and accurate stitches. Maintenance is another important factor need to be considered. All the parts of the machine can be easily accessed, doing the cleaning and oiling them easier. It is available with a price tag of about $1495; buyers can find it fairly expensive but the machine definitely will assure you many years of durability and precise service.

2. Leather Sewing Machine 110v 480w

This machine is suitable for stitching thick and heavy, materials like canvas, rubber, and leather. The equipment provides both the options of manual sewing and power sewing by the use of the electric motor. Cylindrical and tube-shaped products like shoes, riding boots, bags, etc. can be precisely stitched by it. It weighs about 70.5 pounds. With the maximum speed of 500 S.P.M., It provides a stitch length range of 1-5mm. This machine is very durable and the perfect fit for repairing purposes. Its size is about 59*29*49 cm but it doesn’t include the table and motor. It comes with a price tag of around $699. So, if you are into repairing and stitching of thick cylindrical articles,t his machine is a fairly good option.

3. TechSew 3650HD Heavy Duty Leather Industrial Sewing Machine

This machine is ideal to handle heavy-duty and ambitious sewing projects. It is perfect to handle products like holsters, bridles, horse tack repairs, harnesses, canvas, synthetics, and much more with ½’’ high-pressure foot clearance. It has a sewing capacity of 7/16’’ and a 10.5” cylinder bed length. Provided with an efficient motor and speed reducer, it can work on both fast and slow speeds with excellent speed control according to the nature of our work. It also has a feature of reverse stitch and its inbuilt roller guide helps to keep stitches firm and accurate even incase of bulky materials. The stitch length can be adjusted accordingly with a maximum of up to 7mm. It is a great option for all genre of users be it, beginners or professionals. With a price of $1349, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and free technical support for machine life.so it is a fairly good deal.

4. TechSew 2700 Leather Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

This machine is ideal for sewing light and common range leather goods like wallets, purses, handbags, jackets, and much more. It has a compact walking foot with alternating presser feet, needle feed, and feed dog to handle slightly heavier materials. Its efficient motor provides great speed control at all values. It has a sewing capacity of 3/8’’.The pressing foot clearance is 5/8’’ with 10.5’’cylinder bed length. It has a maximum sewing speed of 2200 spm and performs precise stitches. The machine also provides reverse stitches. As it comes from a brand as a tech set, are assured quality and dare assured. With a price tag of $1649, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and free technical support for machine life. So to work on all types of light and medium materials, the machine is the best option.

5. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

This machine has to be rated among the world’s easiest to use sewing machines so it perfect for beginners. It is a compact heavy-duty machine and can be professionally produced in its work. It comes with a heavy-duty aluminum body with 21 stitches and one buttonhole. The best feature of this machine is the 7-piece feed dog. Feeding a material on a sewing machine is the main job of a sewer, and this 7-piece feed dog controls the feed well. There are various stitching options along with stitch length and width adjustment. It provides a maximum stitch width of 6.5mm and has an auto needle threader. It is a handy machine that is perfect for clothing accessories and bags. The machine can handle every basic type of sewing job. Also, it is “quiet” i.e. it works soundlessly. With a pocket-friendly price tag of $509 for its features, this compact multifunction machine is worth buying.

6. SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine with Metal Frame

This machine is designed to work on heavy fabrics like leather, canvas, and denim, etc. It is simple and does very straightforward operations. It provides 23 built-in stitches, four stretch stitches, six basic stitches, one buttonhole and 12 decorative stitches.it has a speed of 1100 spm, an automatic needle threader, and a top drop-in bobbin.It ensures skip-free sewing because of its heavy-duty internal metal frame.It has a stainless steel bed plate and heavy duty metal frame making it durable and thoroughly professional.This is a compact version of a heavy duty power sewing machine with a price of $130.It is a must-buy for beginners.

7. Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine

It is a professional sewing machine with a stainless speed bed which can be used to store the needs of the sewer. With a speed of 1100 S.P.M, it ensures both speed and quality. It provides 18 built-in stitches with a 4 step buttonhole. Perfect for sewing stiff garments, it is consistent with no jump-starts and has a drop feed system. The regulated dials can adjust the speed, and it works well on slow stitches irrespective of the pressure applied. With a price of $260, this machine assures durability for years and works professionally well.

While making a choice, various factors like the type of work, available storage space, working environment and the thickness of the material used need to be considered. Specifying the machine its durability, performance, power, and value are the basic aspects to be taken care of. Hopefully, the above review will help you in doing so.


I have already listed 7 best leather sewing machines out of 100. Now you can easily decide what you should buy according to your needs and budget. But I would recommend you to go for TIPPMAN or TechSew3650 HD.

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