5 Best Sewing Machines for Home Use 2020

Sewing is an important skill for a kid as well as an adult. Having a sewing machine will always be beneficial for you. One can do basic sewing tasks at home. He/she can also run a small business and make money out of it. Thus, sewing will always prove to be beneficial for you. So after writing on best sewing machine reviews and best leather sewing machines, today we are writing and listing the best sewing machines that can be used at home as well as for professional sewing.

List of Best Sewing Machines for home use:

If you are new to sewing and want to learn basics, having the right machine at home is very important. If you have a highly computerized machine which provides lots of variety at home, you will lose interest in sewing very quickly. So, having a good machine with a fair amount of features is a must for you. This post is about the best sewing machines for home use. I am going to pick the top 5 machines for home use here in this post.

1. Best Sewing Machine for Home Use: Singer 3333

This might not be the best machine available in the market but if we look at it as an overall machine, it is just perfect for home use. It has 23 built-in stitches. So, it provides a fair amount of variety. It supports free arm. The bobbin is very easy to use and has a cover. It has a heavy-duty metal frame. It is durable too. The price is absolutely affordable for a user who wants to use it at home. The singer may not be the best brand out there but this machine is just so perfect for the home use that it tops our list of top 5 sewing machines for home use.

2. Janome 11706 ¾ Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Janome is another machine that is perfect for any beginner or a kid. This machine comes from one of the best brands out there which is Janome and prove its mettle too. The price is very much similar to the previous machine and that makes it affordable for everyone who wants to use it at home for basic tasks. It features a free arm too. It has 11 built-in stitches and a four-step buttonhole too. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It has heavy-duty sewing capability. It comes with lots of accessories and offers accessory storage. This is one of the best machines from Janome to date and a perfect machine for any learner.

3. Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine for Home Use

The Brother sewing machine is very good for everyday use. Despite being a full-size machine, it is lightweight and easy to carry. It has 10 built-in stitches. It has an automatic four-step buttonhole and features a free arm. The price is very low for the features it provides. It has a 25-year limited warranty. One of the best features is that it offers free phone support for the lifetime of the product. This might not be the best from Brother but is definitely very good for day to day and home usage.

4. Janome 2212: Recommended Sewing Machine

The price of this machine may be a problem for some buyers but if you can afford it, it is the best sewing machine to begin with. This machine is one of the best machines available in the market. It is very useful for home as well as industrial uses. So, it helps you in running a small business and complete projects as well. It has 12 built-in stitches. Thus, it offers you a fair amount of variety. It is lightweight and very easy to use. It has great features like a free arm and drops feed. This machine is in fourth place on our list because of its price. Otherwise, it is the best machine for home use. Here is the detailed Janome 2212 sewing machine review.

5. Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Household Sewing Machine

If you do not want much of a variety and just want to do basic sewing tasks, this may be one of the best machines available there. It has 6 built-in stitches. It is very easy to use as the instructions are printed on the machine itself. It is compact in size and very easy to carry. It features a free arm and comes with a lot of accessories. The price is affordable too. Thus, this is another good machine to use in everyday life.

So, these were my top 5 picks of the sewing machines that are good for use at home. These sewing machines let you learn basic sewing tasks and work on projects of an intermediate level. There are many other good models like Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew and Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine, Brother XL-3750 Sewing machine, etc. available in the market.

The machines listed above may be helpful to the users who need high speed or extras stitching options. The machines that I listed in the top 5 list are overall good machines. You can also go for other machines in the market but these were my top picks. So, if you are planning to learn sewing, use a machine for home use, or planning to start a small business, go and grab one of these amazing machines. You are sure to get satisfied.

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